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Easy2Name Fundraising Scheme

Our simple scheme has been designed to reduce the dreaded lost property pile as well as raise money for your group. Every order placed using the unique code will generate 20% commission and the parent/guardian will receive free shipping also! A win-win for everyone!

How it works

1. Sign up

To sign up to the fundraising scheme click the sign up button below. Enter your organisation's details, we will then review your account & send confirmation that you have succesfully registered as a fundraising group.

2. Begin fundraising

You will then be given a unique discount code for your group. Every order placed with the code will generate 20% commision & the parent/guardian will receive free shipping!

3. Promote

To help you make the most out of your scheme! We provide posters, leaflets, newsletters & social media materials to help share and promote the scheme!

4. Pay

Your fundraising commision totals will be paid to you automatically every 3 months.

Why should you join our fundraising scheme?

Do you have a lost property problem and want to make additional funds for your school or club? Easy2name operates a very successful fundraising scheme, which is a great way to raise money for nurseries, schools, and groups. Any orders we receive at www.easy2name.com will provide the group selected a generous 20% commission and the customer will also receive free shipping!

Since starting this scheme, we have donated over £120,000 to organisations to help with school trips, play park improvements or supporting the school buy everyday items such as extra art and educational materials, toys and transport. Our fundraising program is one of the simplest ways to raise money for your group with very little work involved! Parents buy labels for their children every year so why not get them to help your school, club or organisation by purchasing through us.

Happy Fundraising!

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Contact us

Do you have any questions about our fundraising program or would you like some more information?
Please contact us on fundraising@easy2name.com.